BioProducts MD, LLC

BioProductsMD, LLC is a privately-held company that specializes in developing new and exciting products that offer significant value to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.  Our company is located near historic Frederick, MD, with close proximity to the growing biotechnology industries found in the Washington and Baltimore areas.  
BioProductsMD was founded following the joint partnership of several like-minded CEO's with over 20 years experience in the biotechnology industry.  These scientists saw the need for new and innovative products that were not currently being offered to the research and development community.  As a result, BioProductsMD was created as a conduit to fill this void.
The management staff of BioProducts MD have assembled a very talented scientific team that strives continuously to develop, manufacture, and supply researchers with quality reagents that will assist in bringing projects to fruition.

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BioProducts MD, LLC
P.O. Box 790
6 North Church Street
Middletown, MD 21769
United States
Ph: 1-844-276-3552
Fax: 1-866-620-9860
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VEGF (Human) ELISA Kit
96-well (12 x 8-well strips) sandwich ELISA for the quantita...

Price: $ 450.00 / Each
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Human PEDF ELISA Kit, 10-Pak (10 x 96-well plate)
96-Well Microplate Assay ...

Price: $ 2,975.00 / kit
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PEDF 5 ug (lyophilized)
Pigment Epithelium-Derived Factor ...

Price: $ 100.00 / vial
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